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Social Networking Websites originated from platforms that people can use online as communities and it’s vastly evolved into a trusted business platform and networks which facilitate to acquire many different services.

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Recent years social networks are for the interaction publicly and hosts features such as friends list, photo albums, groups, blogs and etc. Our Social Networking Website Development creates exciting opportunities in business.

Social Networking Development Services

  • Social Networking Website Design
  • Social Networking Website Development
  • Social Networking Application
  • Community Website Development
  • Existing Social Website Enhancement
  • Custom Social Networking Website

Many of the top traffic websites on the internet are in fact Social Networks.

Social Networking is still growing and developing from many different niches and even more so these days as businesses need to stay in connected in order to keep ahead of the competition with their clients or customers.

Social Networking Website Features

  • Personal profile
  • Custom profile
  • Friends unit
  • Commenting System
  • Support
  • Interest Group
  • Private Messages & Message Wall
  • Member's Profile
  • Slideshows and Photos
  • Custom Video Player
  • Privacy Control Settings
  • Advertising elements
  • User Blogs
  • Polls

AJSMEDIA has developed a few big websites with social networking capabilities.

Social networking sites typically allow users to register for their own accounts and manage a profile. From there, common tasks include managing networks of “friends” sharing photo and video media, commenting, and messaging. Many of the sites that we have developed in the past utilise a Content Management System built upon a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) platform. The back-end functionality allowed administrators to upload and edit content throughout the site.

Our Working ProcessIn 3 Easy Steps

To make the process of creating your website as simple as possible, we have developed a simple 3 step approach, which works every time, ensuring your website is launched successfully.


planning & strategy

First stage involves gathering information and then form a stratagy these are important components of the end result.


design & develop

Once the initial stage of planning is completed we can then focus on the look and feel of the website or application.


test & deliver

This is the point at which the final details will be looked over again by a senior developer and will be exposed to a tests.

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